Here is a look at some of the photos taken by Celebrity Edge and emailed to our editors. Here are a few of the shots taken by our guest photographers onboard Celebrity Edge, including these from Shore Excursions and Photos (34) on Celebrity Edge’s latest voyage to Cozumel, Mexico.

The amazing success of Celebrity Edge Cruises’ new seven-night world-class sailing cruise, “Sailing to the Edge”, began with Celebrity Edge’s unique concept called “your edge”. Edge is a 3-day, 3-night cruise that offers an unprecedented social experience. On Edge, cruisers make new friends, get a glimpse of the rich history of the western Caribbean, and have a unforgettable experience that allows them to be part of a unique social experience.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was recently invited by the Celebrity Edge to sail around the Mediterranean for a week. What do you think of these photos?

The cruise is finally back in the United States!

Celebrity Edge left port in Everglades last weekend for a seven-day cruise that will include stops in Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico, and Nassau, Bahamas.

Doug is on board and of course took many pictures the day he came on board. We thought we’d share a few once we boarded, along with a wonderful first cruise out of a US home port since March 2024.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Above is a look at the interior of Port Everglades Terminal 25, the terminal Celebrity Cruises completed in 2018.

Here’s the first glimpse of the ship! The orange machine is the ship’s magic carpet, a platform on the side of the ship that goes up and down and stops on different decks. It has different functions depending on the bridge it is on. One function is a bar, another is a specialized canteen, and it even serves as a loading dock for tender boats!

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Masks are required for boarding but not for fully vaccinated passengers during the stay on board. Almost all passengers are vaccinated, but those who are not must wear masks.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

The Celebrity Equinox was also in port on Saturday. Here’s a look at the Celebrity Edge ship.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Many spectators were present at the end of the pier to wave the Edge off (and take pictures, of course) on her first passenger trip in over a year!

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

I’m sure it was unrealistic for anyone to say they would return to the pool deck of a cruise ship! This deck is even more special because it has the largest pool in the Celebrity fleet – it’s 25 feet long!

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

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If there’s one thing the cruise industry has to celebrate, it’s waterboarding! And this boat from the US is definitely a cause for celebration.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Another photo with the water jet, because why not?

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Another look at the magic carpet.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Let’s go! We believe that for most passengers on this trip, it was one of the best trips of their lives.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

There are so many things in the picture below!

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

We pass the last piece of land before we set sail! Now it looks real!

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Below is the pilot boat sailing alongside the ship to pick up the pilot who brought the ship out of the harbor.

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

Great view from Doug’s cabin – we’ll take that view, please!

14 Photos From Celebrity Edge’s Sail Away

We hope you enjoyed this little photo gallery from the day we landed on the Celebrity Edge!

READ MORE: Carnival Cruise Line presents the new Chibang Dinner on Mardi Gras!Celebrity Edge is an all-female sailing team that completed a historic 33-day circumnavigation of the world in a 36ft sloop last September. The team sailed around Cape Horn, the Egyptian and Cape Verdean coasts, across the Indian Ocean to the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Straights of Gibraltar, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.. Read more about celebrity edge itinerary and let us know what you think.

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