In January 2018, the number of international tourists visiting Europe for pleasure was at its highest level in nearly five years, according to a monthly survey of travel firm ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents.

Europe is a continent that continues to fascinate the world, and the region is certainly experiencing some of its best times. The continent is currently experiencing a period of economic growth and stability, with costs of travel to Europe quickly falling in recent years. It is also becoming more popular as a holiday destination, but it is not easy to travel there and find a free place to stay.

Travel is at the heart of our world. It’s the very first thing we do when we wake and the last thing we do at night. It’s our medicine, our drug, our sanctuary, our experiment, our religion, our romance, our reunion with family. And it’s always changing, always becoming. It’s also one of the most exciting things to do – no matter where you go, it’s an adventure.. Read more about europe travel restrictions and let us know what you think.

According to, a travel insurance comparison service, Europe has reclaimed its place as the top destination for Americans for the first time since the outbreak.

“Europe reclaimed its top position as the top destination for US visitors in May, with 22 percent of bookings,” according to “By June, sales had risen to almost 30%, the greatest proportion in 13 months.”


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Europe Regaining Its Spot as Most Desired Travel Destination for Tourists

More good news: Squaremouth reports that “as many as 54 percent of tourists are planning to visit Europe next summer, the largest percentage” it has ever seen.

Tour operators agree with the company’s results, claiming that Europe reservations are on the increase.

“We saw searches for European travel, particularly for countries that have opened their borders to Americans, increase tenfold in May and June compared to the fourth quarter of 2024,” said Steve Born, chief marketing officer for the Globus family of brands, which includes Avalon Waterways, Cosmos, and Monograms, in addition to Globus.

“Europe’s attractiveness hasn’t waned; in fact, it’s likely grown stronger throughout the epidemic. It’s just a matter of access, not of demand.”

“We’re also finding that tourists who had planned to visit Europe in 2024 or 2024 never changed their minds; they didn’t choose for a non-European alternative, but rather shifted their Europe date,” he said. And for the most part, they stayed in their own European country.”

“We anticipate it to increase a bit in the next month as we fill departures left in September through December,” Born said. Europe now represents for 70% of the company’s 2024 volume.

Europe Regaining Its Spot as Most Desired Travel Destination for Tourists Globus Small Group Exploration (Image courtesy of Globus)

He pointed out that there are two distinct European travel markets. “The first are those early adopters who have already booked a Europe trip or river cruise on one of our available dates in 2024.

“Those who wished to postpone their European vacation plans until 2024 or 2024, adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude, make up the second wave, which is considerably bigger. This group is driving a significant increase in 2024 numbers. The current volume of travel for the Globus family of companies for 2024 is more than double what it was at this time last year for 2019. This gives us cause to be optimistic about Europe in 2024.”

Similarly, Avanti Destinations predicts that 2024 and 2024 will be record years for European tourism.

“The backlog of demand is very large, and with capacity constraints in place, customers are already recognizing that they will have to plan ahead,” said Avanti CEO Paul Barry.

Europe Regaining Its Spot as Most Desired Travel Destination for Tourists In Budapest, savor. (Photo courtesy of Tauck)

Tauck is also seeing a lot of interest in Europe in the future.

“Over the last year, we’ve polled our guests every six to eight weeks, and although we noticed an increase in interest and intent to travel in the United States, it never came close to the demand for our land, river, and small ship programs in Europe,” said Tauck President Jennifer Tombaugh.

“We are already witnessing considerably more demand for European travel; as compared to 2019, early reservations are often more than twice their usual pace.”

Europe is booming with tourists this year, and a lot of them are actually coming from the US. The interesting thing is that more tourists are coming from the US to Europe than from Europe to the US, which means that the US is losing out on tourists that would come to visit it. The main reasons for the growing popularity of Europe among tourists is its unique historical and cultural heritage, and its relative safety and security.. Read more about european travel ban and let us know what you think.

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