For lovers of flying, the future of aviation is approaching fast. Commercial passenger planes will soon be able to fly around the world in less than 30 hours, and flying cars and other futuristic transportation will soon follow. And that’s not all!

Hey there! I’m Tony, and I’ll be taking over this blog in the next few months. Until then, I’ll be keeping the site up, and will continue to post as I have before. This blog is going to be a little different than the others, though. The Best Place to Travel, as the name suggests, is a travel blog dedicated to helping you in your travels. It is a travel blog that deals with the stresses of traveling without potty training, dealing with the stairs, and the general hassle of traveling with a child. It is not a travel blog about my personal experiences as I travel. I love to give tips to others about traveling with children, but I know that my personal experiences will not always be able

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over! The release date for the iPhone X is finally here, and so is our first hands-on impressions: the iPhone X is very much the iPhone X.  It’s the most evolutionary step in iPad history, and it has a lot of competition in terms of design. It is – in many ways – the first of its kind: a fully-featured, premium smartphone that doubles as a tablet. Let’s take a look at the device and see if it’s worth the hype.

Christine Duffy announced four years and ten months ago that Carnival Cruise Line would build two 180,000 gross ton cruise ships. The new ships would put Carnival Cruise Line in a strong position to not only compete with the competition’s mega-ships, but also to construct something that would revolutionize cruising as we know it.

Tomorrow, Mardi Gras will finally take sail with a few thousand lucky and most likely pleased passengers on her first trip. We’ve been anticipating what to anticipate from Mardi Gras after the ropes come off the dock in Port Canaveral for the last week. Today, we take a look back at how we got here.

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Carnival Announces Two LNG New-Builds on September 6, 2016

“Carnival Cruise Line will build two new 180,000 gross ton ships, the company’s largest ever and the first in North America to be powered by liquefied natural gas.”

Carnival stated on September 6, 2016, that two new cruise ships with a gross tonnage of 180,000 tons will be built. The ships would not only be the biggest ever to sail under the Carnival Cruise Line banner, but they would also be part of a transition to Liquified Natural Gas, a cleaner-burning fuel.

The Wait is Almost Over!Carnival Cruise Line did the rendering.

“This new ship order represents an extremely exciting future for Carnival Cruise Line and the possibilities that lie ahead to offer a range of spectacular new features and technologies to further improve our great passenger experience,” said Carnival president Christine Duffy in 2016.

Apart from the LNG announcement and the location of the ships’ construction, Meyer Turku in Finland, nothing was known about the event that would become Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration. One thing was clear: Carnival was going to revolutionize cruising as we know it.

Wheel Of Fortune, December 5, 2018: Paying Tribute to the Elders

“The Largest Carnival Cruise Line Ship Ever Constructed Will Be Named Mardi Gras”

Carnival christened its first mega-ship after its first cruise ship, Mardi Gras, on December 5, 2018, in commemoration of the cruise line’s first ship to ever sail. Carnival Cruise Line made the announcement on the famous television game show “Wheel of Fortune,” making it one of the most-watched ship name announcements in modern history.

The Wait is Almost Over!Carnival Cruise Line provided this image.

“Our first ship, the Mardi Gras, was a historic vessel, bringing a whole new type of sailing to the vacationing public,” says Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. What better way to honor our company’s almost 50-year history of producing unforgettable vacation experiences than to name this ground-breaking vessel after our beloved original “Fun Ship”?

Carnival’s Mardi Gras Cruise Ship – Everything You Need to Know is Worth Reading

Construction begins on November 15, 2018.

Mardi Gras will make its European debut in August 2024, with a keel-laying ceremony.

Steel for Mardi Gras was cut for the first time on November 15, 2018. During the ceremony, Carnival Cruise Line unveiled a new livery that would eventually be implemented throughout the whole fleet. Carnival’s new red, white, and blue hull design pays tribute to nautical heritage while celebrating the company’s legacy as America’s Cruise Line. 

The construction for Mardi Gras officially began on June 18, 2019. The Meyer Turku shipyard in Turku, Finland, conducted a keel-laying ceremony to commemorate the customary start of construction.

The Wait is Almost Over!Meyer Turku shot the video.

Carnival’s Senior Vice President of Newbuilds Ben Clement, as well as Mardi Gras Captain Giuseppe Giusa, Chief Engineer Ferdinando Ruocco, and Hotel Director Pierre Camilleri, who joined Meyer Turku CEO Jan Meyer at the celebrations, were in high spirits. The expectation at the time was that the building phase would take just over a year, with Mardi Gras sailing in August of the following year.

“Today is a momentous day for Carnival since it marks the formal start of work on the magnificent Mardi Gras, which will usher in an exciting new chapter for our business and bring so many guest-pleasing innovations,” Clement remarked.

As we all know, the wait will be much longer, with delays at the shipyard and COVID-19 causing havoc with the launch schedule. Mardi Gras was finally turned over to Carnival Cruise Line in December of last year. The wait, however, was not yet ended.

The Wait is Almost Over!Carnival Cruise Line is shown.

Delivery is scheduled on December 18, 2024.

On December 18, 2024, Meyer Turku, a Finnish shipyard, handed over Mardi Gras to Carnival Cruise Line, more than four years after the first announcement.

“We have been working hard this year to get to this wonderful day to take possession of this magnificent ship, and the team at Meyer Turku has been an excellent partner throughout this process,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. I’m looking forward to seeing and experiencing Mardi Gras with our visitors and staff. Despite the pandemic-related delays, there is great excitement and pent-up demand for this ship. Then we’ll concentrate on the construction of her sister ship, the Carnival Celebration, which is set to debut in 2024 and has been selling like hotcakes since inventories opened in October.”

The Wait is Almost Over!Carnival Cruise Line provided this image.

The Mardi Gras would travel from Finland to Rotterdam for refueling, then to Barcelona before arriving at Port Canaveral. That, however, would not happen in April as anticipated. Mardi Gras would not be greeted by thousands of followers in the United States until June 4, 2024.

At the time, Carnival stated that the Mardi Gras will embark on her first trip on July 31, 2024. Due to the CDC’s many rules and restrictions, the date was sooner than anticipated.

The deadline is approaching, and the wait is nearly over. The Mardi Gras will depart from Port Canaveral on an itinerary that will include multiple sea and port days at San Juan, Puerto Rico, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, and Nassau, Bahamas.

It’s easy to dismiss the TSS Mardi Gras as simply another cruise ship, but the newest sibling will be a game-changer that will transform cruising as we know it, just as her namesake, the TSS Mardi Gras, did.

There are numerous reasons she is unique, as we’ve seen this week, whether it’s because of her green technology, her restaurants and bars, the gorgeous suites and hidden places, or simply because she has a roller coaster on board.

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