Sandals Royal Curaçao is a holiday destination in the Caribbean. It’s also home to some of the most amazing attractions on earth, including white-sand beaches, turquoise water and crystal clear lakes.

The things to do in curacao is a blog post about the sandals royal curacao’s guests get easy access to all island attractions.

Sandals Royal Curaçao, Sandals Resorts’ newest all-inclusive Caribbean resort, is located on 44 beachfront acres of the 3,000-acre, extremely coveted and private Santa Barbara estate. It will be Sandals’ sixteenth resort when it opens on April 14, 2024, with Curaçao serving as the company’s eighth Caribbean destination island.

Curaçao is a tiny island, yet it is jam-packed with attractions. This charming, historically Dutch-colonized island, which is part of the so-called “ABC Islands,” is probably the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. Along a 171-mile coastline, it has 35 beautiful white-sand beaches, each with its own particular flair and atmosphere.


Curaçao’s seas also include a unique underwater historical landscape, making it a scuba diver’s dream. Rugged underwater cliffsides filled with the remnants of shipwrecks, as well as a plethora of tropical marine life, lie just under the ocean’s surface. Underwater explorers may visit 70 new dive spots, and the Sandals Royal Curaçao staff can help visitors get PADI certified during their stay.

There are plenty of activities and facilities on site, including the brand’s first two-level infinity pool and a genuine saltwater ocean-fed pool carved directly into the coastal cliffs.

Couples may, however, stretch their wings and explore the island’s rich natural splendor, which includes hiking, bicycling, diving, watersports, sightseeing, stargazing, and much more. Guests staying in the resort’s top-tier suites get access to free MINI Coopers, allowing them to explore the whole island.

Sandals Royal Curaçao’s Guests Get Easy Access To All Island Attractions Royal Curaçao Sandals (photo via Sandals Resorts)

Off-property activities include a high-speed ATV tour and a stroll through the picturesque streets of Willemstad, Curaçao’s capital city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the legacy of Dutch colonialism is clearly visible and colorful historic architecture is complemented by modern-day murals and street art. The city offers a variety of events every year, so you may run across a festival while you’re there. You will undoubtedly get the chance to sample genuine Curaçaoan cuisine here.

Mambo Beach, only four miles from Willemstad and considered one of the most beautiful lengths of white sand beach and clear-blue water on this lovely tropical island, is one of Curaçao’s other outstanding attractions.

Sandals Royal Curaçao’s Guests Get Easy Access To All Island Attractions Curacao, one of the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles islands, has a lovely bay with colorful buildings. (picture by Marina113/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Make a point of visiting Mambo Beach Boulevard, where the boardwalk is lined with some of Curaçao’s finest restaurants, clubs, nightlife establishments, entertainment, and shopping. Mambo Beach is one of the island’s most stunning man-made beaches, with fantastic water sports, good facilities, and lots of cover when you’ve had your fill of sunbathing.

The Curaçao Sea Aquarium, only a five-minute walk away, is one of the area’s most popular attractions, offering unique chances to see and interact with native aquatic species. The aquarium features an open-water system, which means that the aquarium’s marine life is always in touch with the open sea. The animals and displays are housed in a completely natural setting. The Sea Lion Encounter, which allows visitors to get up up and personal with sea lions, and a shark-feeding experience as part of the aquarium’s Animal Encounter are both interactive activities.

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