In a sea of cruise ships, Carnival Cruise Line is the only one to call Jamaica home, with their headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica. However, after a devastating hurricane in 2012, the Carnival brand suspended operations at their Port Canaveral, Florida, cruise terminal, and the island nation and tourism industry has not been the same since. Since then, Celebrity Cruises has become the largest cruise company operating out of Jamaica, and Carnival has since re-entered the market in 2017.

After a protracted legal battle, Carnival Cruise Lines has returned to Jamaica to resume its operations there. Starting in 2009, Carnival had been banned from operating in the country due to concerns over the safety of its equipment, which includes catamarans and watercraft. However, after a lengthy legal battle and a number of court challenges, a federal appeals court ruled that the company could resume its operations in the country. Carnival said its ships would initially operate out of a port in Port Antonio and would use a shuttle service to bring passengers to the island’s capital, Kingston. Carnival also said it will donate $1.5 million to the government to be spent on projects related to the tourism industry.

Jamaica is the last Caribbean island to welcome Carnival Cruise Line back to its ancestral homes. The island nation of Jamaica has seen a resurgence in the cruise ship industry, as the Jamaican government opened up its ports to the cruise giants.. Read more about carnival cruise news and let us know what you think.

Carnival Sunrise arrived at the port of Ocho Rios this morning at 7:30 a.m. local time, bringing cruising back to Jamaica. The Carnival cruise ship was the first to visit the island since all cruise operations were halted last year.

Carnival Sunrise is the eighth ship in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet to have its maiden voyage. The cruise ship left Miami, Florida on Saturday, bringing pleasure to the Caribbean island of Jamaica and the Bahamas island of Bimini.

The First Cruise Ship Returns to Jamaica

The government and the hundreds of people who rely on the cruise sector applaud the return of cruise ships to Jamaica. In 2018, Jamaica had the third-highest amount of direct expenditure by crew, passengers, and cruise lines, with $245 million in revenue, 9293 employment, and $56.6 million in salaries.

“We welcome this restart since we know that thousands of Jamaicans rely on the cruise ships sector for their livelihood, and it will have a good effect on our economy in general,” says Jamaican Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett.

Carnival Cruise Line Returns to Jamaica as Island Reopens to Cruise IndustryOcho Rios’ Carnival Sunrise (Photo Credit: The Port Authority of Jamaica)

Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy expressed her pleasure at the company’s return to Jamaica, saying, “We are pleased to be the first cruise ship to return to Jamaica and to give passengers the chance to experience all of the country’s splendor.” I’d want to thank the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Health and Wellness, and our partners on behalf of Carnival for collaborating with us to bring safe cruising back to Jamaica.”

Guests aboard the Carnival Sunrise will have the option of exploring the region on their own or joining a cruise line-organized excursion. Ziplining, horseback riding, ATV tours, Dunn’s River falls, and even bobsledding are among the activities available in Ocho Rios.

What are Jamaica’s Health Threats?

While the pandemic remains a danger, the Jamaican government is currently pursuing a risk management strategy. The Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, emphasized the significance of the cruise sector, saying that a balance must be struck between preserving lives and livelihoods:

“These are the difficulties we confront, but we can’t keep closing down to handle the epidemic. Shutting down has severe financial consequences and puts organizations and statutory entities like the Port Authority at risk.”

Carnival Cruise Line has determined that at least 95 percent of passengers and staff members would be properly vaccinated before sailing. Those who have not been vaccinated will be subjected to rigorous testing by the cruise company. If they haven’t already, all tourism employees in Jamaica who work in the cruise sector will be vaccinated.

Carnival Cruise Line Returns to Jamaica as Island Reopens to Cruise Industry Guests during the Carnival Sunrise in Ocho Rios (Photo Credit: The Port Authority of Jamaica)

The government will certify the area’s tourism attractions after all of the people who work there have been vaccinated. The island’s Prime Minister even went so far as to declare that cruise lines would not stop in Jamaica until tourist employees who will interact with customers get vaccinated.

“We want all of our employees to get vaccinated, and we’re going to be extremely aggressive about it. We’ve formed a special task group to steer this process, with Jennifer Griffith, the permanent secretary, and Clifton Reader, the president of the JHTA, as co-chairs. No cruise guest will visit an attraction that isn’t COVID-certified and has operating licenses.”

Carnival Sunrise is a carnival that takes place every year Sailing in the Bahamas and the Caribbean

The Carnival Sunrise, a 101,508 gross ton ship, set off from PortMiami on Saturday for a five-day trip. Guests have already enjoyed a day at sea in addition to the stop at Ocho Rios; the ship will also stop in Bimini, Bahamas, following another day at sea. Carnival Sunrise is the sixth Carnival Cruise ship to re-enter service, joining the Mardi Gras, Carnival’s newest cruise ship.

Carnival Sunrise was formerly known as Carnival Triumph, but it had a facelift in 2019 and was renamed Sunrise. The cruise ship has a capacity of 2984 passengers, however owing to current procedures and restrictions, the ship will sail with approximately 70% occupancy.

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In the Caribbean and the Bahamas, the Carnival cruise ship will alternate four- and five-day trips. Princess Cays, Nassau, and Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, as well as Grand Turk, Grand Cayman, and Ocho Rios in the Caribbean, are among the ports of call on certain itineraries through the end of the year.

Carnival Cruise Line Returns to Jamaica as Island Reopens to Cruise Industry

No, Carnival is not cancelling cruises to Jamaica."}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Has Carnival Cancelled cruises through 2024?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"

Carnival Cruise Line has not cancelled any cruises through 2024."}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carnival Cruise Line opening back?

Carnival Cruise Line is not opening back, but it has been announced that they will be coming back in 2024.

Is Carnival Cancelling cruises to Jamaica?

No, Carnival is not cancelling cruises to Jamaica.

Has Carnival Cancelled cruises through 2024?

Carnival Cruise Line has not cancelled any cruises through 2024.

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