It turns out even the Hilton chain is no different than the rest of us when it comes to cleaning in-room. The world-famous hotel chain has unveiled a new policy that aims to cut down on guests’ filth by refusing to clean rooms unless they’re not too dirty. The policy is similar to one enforced by the Hyatt hotel chain when they first began installing in-room bidet toilets a few years ago, but it makes a lot of sense to Hilton.

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Hilton Believes Americans Are Slobs, Don’t Expect Clean Rooms During Stay?


If Hilton thinks Americans are slobs, don’t expect clean rooms while you’re there.

on July 8, 2024 by Gary Leff

Expect cost-cutting to become the new normal for Hilton hotels as they attempt to charge the same amount for rooms as previously while spending less, increasing margins, according to Hilton’s CEO.

He was speaking to investors, not customers, and it’s easy for corporate executives to forget that speaking to one group and then to another no longer works. He provided us with the lens through which we might comprehend developments such as the permanent elimination of cleaning services during guest visits at ostensibly full-service hotels in the United States. It is still possible for guests to request it.

  • It’s an excellent method to encourage people to reuse towels, which saves money on washing (though you can call and request towels and wait for them)
  • The trash in the room is piling up. “Just leave it outside your door,” one hotel instructed me lately. Because the hotel didn’t provide meal service, this prevents the room from smelling too terrible from takeout. However, it meant that the communal areas were strewn with trash.
  • Because fewer housekeepers will be working fewer hours as a result of the adjustment, they may not be able to clean your room as soon as you request it.

A spokesman clarifies that this is just for the United States, and that it is being done because it is what visitors desire.

We’ve adopted a flexible approach to cleaning services throughout the globe based on what we know about our guests’ expectations and preferences, so there are some regional differences. Housekeeping is still being provided as requested throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and all properties in the Asia-Pacific region are currently offering daily housekeeping as part of CleanStay.

All of this is to indicate that we’re paying attention to our visitors’ requirements on a local level, and we’ve made particular changes to these criteria region by area to match with their current expectations.

In various areas of the globe, guests have different expectations. In Asia, daily cleaning will continue because visitors demand clean rooms. Rooms will not be automatically cleaned during a stay in the United States, however, due to visitor expectations in the United States. That strikes me as strange, given that we’ve spent the previous 16 months discussing cleanliness, learning to wash our hands for a full 20 seconds, and lysoling everything in sight.

I’m not sure how a hotel that doesn’t provide daily housekeeping counts as full service anymore, either. It seems to be limited service, and more in the bucket of a product that competes against homesharing sites like Airbnb.

Because Americans don’t anticipate it, Hilton thinks they don’t need to spend money on cleaning throughout your stay to maintain your room tidy. We’re slobs, to be honest. Do you agree with them?

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