Australia is trialing a new COVID-19 vaccine passport for select countries. This will allow travelers to enter the country without having to show their vaccination history, which could be useful for those who want to visit countries with strict entry requirements.

The vaccine passport countries list is an Australian trial that will allow Australia citizens to travel with a vaccine passport. This will help prevent the spread of diseases and protect people from outbreaks.

The Australian federal government said on Sunday that trials of a new vaccination passport program would begin this week with a few nations, marking a significant step toward the country’s wider reopening.

With increasing vaccination rates, Australia may be only months away from relaxing its severe foreign travel restrictions, which have been in place for almost 18 months since the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19.


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Australia Trialing COVID-19 Vaccine Passports for Select Countries

Prior to reopening to incoming or outgoing international travel, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that he intends to wait until 80 percent of the adult population has been properly vaccinated.

Minister for Trade and Tourism Dan Tehan said yesterday that Australia’s diplomatic posts abroad would explore the use of vaccination passports in collaboration with a number of major tourist destinations.

According to CNN, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as Australia’s Pacific islands, have been chosen to participate in the experiment.

The vaccine passport system, according to Tehan, would use QR codes that are connected to incoming or outgoing passengers’ vaccination records and passport information.

“So, when that international border reopens, we want to make sure we’re ready for people to be able to travel again,” Tehan said.

COVID-19 vaccine types authorized by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which presently comprise only Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca (not in use in the US) vaccinations, will be required for arrivals to Australia. To far, the TGA has not authorized any vaccination brands produced in Russia or China.

Australia Trialing COVID-19 Vaccine Passports for Select Countries A doctor in protective gear administers vaccination to a patient. (Photo courtesy of iStock/Getty Images Plus/zoranm/iStock/Getty Images Plus/zoranm)

Even as Australia battles a large epidemic of COVID’s extremely contagious Delta form, these preliminary measures for reopening the country’s international borders are being conducted. The surge, which began last summer in parts of New South Wales (NSW), resulted in prolonged lockdowns in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra.

According to statistics from Australia’s Department of Health, 42.6 percent of Australians aged 16 and above are completely vaccinated, with 67.8 percent having received at least their first dose.

The administration anticipates that it will be able to completely immunize 80 percent of the adult population by late November, and that the country’s borders would be open by mid-December.

Morrison expressed optimism that people coming in Australia once the country’s borders reopen to the rest of the globe would be able to quarantine at home rather than being subjected to the current hotel quarantine regime.

The how to get vaccine passport is a program that Australia is trialing in select countries. It will allow travelers to receive vaccinations before they travel to the country of their destination.

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