The current situation in the US with regard to vaccinations is quite a mess. However, the issue is not as bad as some would like to think. There is no denying the fact that the anti-vaxx movement has become quite a force to be reckoned with (especially this year), but the vaccine isn’t the root of the problem. The problem is lack of trust in a system that the public simply does not understand, and the current state of affairs only serves to distract people from the real issues at hand.

According to USA Today , Joseph Maguire, the deputy assistant secretary of homeland security for policy, told a House panel Thursday that the federal government will not exempt passengers who decline to be inoculated against diseases they might encounter while traveling, even if those diseases were not in the country at the time of their flights.

On Wednesday, Obama DHS official John Pistole wants you to submit your vaccination records for consideration to be placed on the  No-Fly List. Pistole wants you to submit your records because he believes you don’t belong on a list that is supposed to be reserved for terrorists.  But, don’t worry, he’s not worried about your safety. He’s worried about the safety of the people who come to the US from countries that will soon be shut off from entry into the US.

Obama Homeland Security Official Wants Unvaxxed Put On No Fly List


Unvaccinated people should be put on a no-fly list, according to an Obama Homeland Security official.

on August 5, 2024 by Gary Leff

New York may have vaccination passport requirements for public venues and certain private companies, but the United States will not. Because data is maintained at the state level, it is frequently chaotic, and systems don’t communicate to other other, there is no practical method to create national vaccination passports.

We won’t be able to enforce national “no dine lists” for restaurants, but Juliette Kayyem, the Obama administration’s former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security, wants individuals who haven’t been vaccinated put on the government’s “No Fly List.”

The federal government should implement a no-fly list for people who have not been vaccinated.

… Originally titled “Unvaccinated individuals belong on the no-fly list,” the article… Existing TSA regulations, Kayyem said, have already established the precedent that restrictions may be applied to decide who travels.

“Protocols classify travelers into groups based on how big of a danger the government believes they pose,” she adds. “Flying is not a right,” she says.

The rationale for requiring vaccination to attend events or travel is that it protects others, which it does, but the CDC now claims that fully vaccinated individuals are more likely to transmit the virus than previously due to the Delta variant’s characteristics. Given the relatively safe cabin environment that helps minimize spread (which isn’t always true of airports, of course), requiring immunization to travel but not to go to the gym or bars is a strange stretch.

In any event, requiring vaccination for plane travel, which is unlikely to happen, is a very different issue from utilizing the government’s terrorist lists for this reason. And I have little compassion for individuals who haven’t recovered or been vaccinated.

The government’s pre-crime profiling, known as the “No Fly List,” bans individuals off U.S. flights and airlines flying to the United States without having been convicted or even charged with a crime. The No Fly List operates as follows. It includes citizens of the United States who want to return home, which is a protected right. There were 81,000 individuals on this list in 2016, with 1000 of them being citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

It’s a secret list, and no one has been allowed to see how they got on it or face the evidence that was used to place them on it. There is limited legal remedy, and the government claims “state secrets” when questioned.

People get on the list by accident (a FBI agent checking the incorrect box on the form or having a name that sounds similar to someone else’s) and even deliberately (a FBI agent ticking the wrong box on the form or having a name that sounds similar to someone else’s) (such as retaliation for refusing to cooperate in an investigation). In a democracy, having the government prohibit travel on all airlines without judicial scrutiny is terrifying.

In any event, travel is a fundamental human right. In Kent v. Dulles, Justice Douglas wrote: (357 U.S. 116)

The freedom to travel is a component of the citizen’s “liberty,” which under the Fifth Amendment cannot be taken away without due process of law.

According to Edward Snowden, ‘War on Terror’ measures like the No Fly List, which Democrats slammed when they were first established by President Bush, are now being used on American people (well, I told you about it pre-Snowden). So it’s no surprise that a Democratic administration official in charge of Homeland Security is considering going much farther.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

A new report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has not implemented procedures to identify individuals who fly with no valid vaccination documentation, even though they represent a potential public health risk and are not allowed to board commercial aircraft.. Read more about is the no-fly list for all airlines and let us know what you think.

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