Another day, another trip back through time… The blog I’m writing for today is TheBestPlacetotravel, which focuses on the world, its geography, its history, its oceans, its mountains, its culture, its people, its, well, everything! And, for this week’s travel topic, I’m going back to the last time that the world was truly threatened.

So, you’ve been to the Caribbean, Europe, or hopping over to Panama or Hawaii, but there’s still something missing in your travel bucket list. It might be something more down to earth, like camping in your backyard, or a road trip down to Baja, but you’re not quite ready to pack your bags and hit the road. Well, a recent survey from G Adventure suggests that the next big travel trend is reconnecting with friends and families on a more intimate level, and this is good news for anyone who wants to visit more family and friends while they’re overseas.

The G Adventure Survey is a site dedicated to one thing: connecting travelers to the best places to travel. For its latest trip, the survey looked at the results of a recent trip to the UK, and found that the most popular item by far was  reconnecting with old friends and family.. Read more about g adventures and let us know what you think.

During the epidemic, vengeance travel was a popular phrase, but the real travel trend is reconnection.

In a survey of more than 1,100 U.S. travelers, G Adventures discovered that reconnecting was the top reason for traveling at 37%, with revitalization travel (a desire for their next vacation to be about personal wellbeing) coming in second at 17%, and revenge travel (booking a trip to make up for lost time) coming in third at 15%.


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G Adventure Survey Finds Pandemic Travel Is About Reconnection

According to the study, a large majority of travelers (97 percent) believe that travel is beneficial to their physical and mental health, and that they want to reconnect and rejuvenate themselves on their next trip.

According to the study, 58 percent of Americans want to disconnect from their gadgets and social media, while another 23% say mingling and meeting new people is their top wellness goal when planning their next vacation.

When it comes to vacation planning, a significant majority of travelers, 69 percent, say their physical and mental well-being is a key priority. In fact, 54% said they needed a vacation to help them cope with pandemic-related stress or burnout at work.

The majority of those polled (76%) intended to be active on their next holiday, while 38% preferred rest and relaxation.

“What this new survey shows us is that travelers are becoming much more intentional with how they choose their vacations—clear it’s that people want to reconnect with people and the planet when they travel again, and to ensure their personal wellness is a priority as they do so,” said Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures.

He said, “The term’revenge travel’ conjures up a bad feeling, which is maybe why it didn’t land as it was meant.” “I don’t disagree with people trying to regain what they’ve lost; I simply don’t believe travel should be associated with such a bad connotation when there is so much potential for tourism to be a good force for change in the world, and it seems that tourists agree.”

G Adventure Survey Finds Pandemic Travel Is About Reconnection In-Depth Look at the Antarctica Classic (photo via GAdventures)

G Adventures is providing a variety of excursions for travelers looking to reconnect and rejuvenate this winter, and visitors can save 10% if they book by August 31, 2024 (for travel between November 1, 2024, and March 31, 2024).

For those who book before August 31, 2024, the travel operator is also giving a 15% discount on Antarctic excursions in 2024.

When it comes to traveling the world, there is a common trend that emerges from conversations with travelers: they want to be part of something bigger. They want to travel the world, and they want to find their own special way of doing it.. Read more about indonesian reopening and let us know what you think.

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