Being Greece’s most famous Dodecanese island, the city of Rhodes preserves ancient history as well as modern resorts. This wonderful island of knights has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches and exotic pubs to luxurious palaces and well-known museums.

With so many impressive archaeological sites all over the city, one needs a rental car to go sightseeing in this heavenly city of knights. Though the island is only 19.48 sq km, it is filled with incredible and marvelous works of art and architecture. One needs to rent a car in Rhodes Greece, to explore this wonderful place as much as possible.

Hiring a rental car in Rhodes makes navigation a lot easier. One can experience the beauty of this place at their pace, visit off-centered sites, and make the most out of the time spent on this island of Knights.

Most rental companies require credit cards when renting a car in Rhodes. That’s what most Americans have heard a lot. Surprisingly, some service providers do not require a credit card for renting vehicles in Rhodes. This article reviews how one can rent a car in Rhodes without a credit card.

Why Does One Need A Credit Card To Rent A Car?

How To Rent A Car In Rhodes If You Don’t Have A Credit Card

Most people may wonder why car rental companies require a credit card from their customers to rent their cars. The answer is pretty simple and obvious.

The company asks for a deposit from the customer when he books a rental car with his credit card. The deposit is not actually debited but set aside by the company until the ride is over. Unfortunately, if the vehicle is damaged during the ride, the frozen money is written off on the monthly credit card statement as a fine or charge for the loss incurred by the service provider.

Companies can easily recover the money from the customer through a credit card. Moreover, it serves as evidence of one’s financial stability. The company is assured that the incurred losses, if any, will be covered by the deposits.

Why Not Debit Cards?

However, a debit card doesn’t work the same way. If the bank account has inadequate reserves, the firm cannot recover the compensation from the bank account. It brings more trouble for both the company and the customer. A debit card does not allow one to block or restrict a particular sum. It means that even if the bank account has sufficient savings to pay for the deposit, the rental car supplier will have to withdraw the total deposit amount first and reimburse it later after the vehicle is returned safely.

Credit cards offer more security to rental companies as the deposit can easily be retrieved from the customer. They are assured that one can reimburse for the potential impairments to the car. But with a debit card, there are higher chances of escaping the compensation costs, and ultimately, the firm might have to pay for the damage.

How Can One Rent A Car Without A Credit Card In Rhodes?

How To Rent A Car In Rhodes If You Don’t Have A Credit Card

Although most automobile leasing companies demand a credit card for renting their vehicles, renting a car in Rhodes is still possible without a gold card. The amount of depository charges vary from one service provider to another. The charged amount will also depend upon the agreement signed by the customer.

Though some companies may not ask for a credit card but will charge a higher sum of cash deposits as security. Before agreeing to the deal, one must read all the terms and conditions carefully. It is necessary to look for any hidden or additional charges the renter applies.

Some renters may require other documents and cards rather than credit cards. It may include a legitimate driver’s license issued by a governing authority and sufficient savings in the bank account in case of any damage to the vehicle.

Documents Required To Rent A Car

Most car rental companies in Rhodes require the following documents from US citizens. One must ensure that these documents are available when renting the vehicle.

  • An authentic international passport
  • An official driver’s license
  • A bank account with sufficient cash to cover potential damages to the automobile
  • An International Driver’s License ( required by some companies )

One must inspect the vehicle and record all existing damages before going on a ride. The contact number of emergency services and essential contacts must be saved before the journey.

Notable Key Points

How To Rent A Car In Rhodes If You Don’t Have A Credit Card

Before renting the vehicle, one must read all the insurance information thoroughly. It helps to understand the coverage and limitations of the agreement. Make sure that the bank account has enough cash to make a cash payment as a deposit.

Most importantly, a driver’s license is a prerequisite asked by all rental companies. Always ensure the license is valid and up-to-date.

Here are some important points worth noting when riding a rental car in Rhodes:

  • To legally rent a car in Rhodes, one must be above 21 years old.
  • The driver’s license must have been issued at least 12 months ago.
  • Honking is illegal at most sites in Rhodes.
  • It is obligatory to drive carefully for the safety of oneself, and the pedestrians as the roads are usually congested with heavy traffic.
  • One must always check the signboards before parking the car anywhere. Some parking places are reserved only for Greek residents.
  • One should always keep hard cash in hand, as many gas stations do not allow card or online payments.
  • Automatic cars are common in the US. But most fleet in Rhodes is manual. Therefore, when a US citizen rents one, he must be able to ride the manual car.

Can One Ride With An American Driver’s License In Rhodes?

According to the laws governing Rhodes and the whole of Greece, a United States license is valid for driving on the streets of this beautiful island. One need not have an IDP or International Driver’s License.

However, some rental companies may still ask for an IDP if the US citizen stays in the city for more than six months. One must read the rules and talk with the renter before booking the ride.

The Bottom Line

Rhodes is a very spectacular city to visit. It has mesmerizing architectural monuments and the intense history of the crusades. As a tourist, one certainly needs a rental car to view all these unique places and buildings of Rhodes.

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