Rob and Kelly, a San Francisco-based couple, were on their way to a romantic getaway in Mexico when they attempted to board a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles on American Airlines, only to be told they needed to leave for a security check.

American Airlines has a well-known policy of not allowing passengers to wear masks on flights. So it’s probably not a surprise that the company’s chief executive, Doug Parker , has been quite vocal about prohibiting them from being worn on flights, saying that they “terrify” children.

There are a lot of stories about people being kicked off airlines, but most of the time it’s because something not fitting or being too big. This couple’s story is different, though. The reason they were kicked off the plane is because they were wearing masks.

After Being Kicked Off American Airlines Over A Mask Slip, This Couple Wound Up On A Private Jet


This couple ended themselves on a private jet after being kicked off American Airlines due to a mask slip.

on August 27, 2024 by Gary Leff

A husband and wife were kicked off of American Airlines flight 3996, a regional aircraft operated by American’s wholly-owned regional subsidiary Envoy Air, from Miami to Cincinnati on Thursday.

The woman’s mask seemed to have fallen off her nose as she boarded the plane. While the aircraft was still on the ground, it slid off a second time. As a result, a flight attendant demanded that she use the airline’s mask instead. The flight attendant told her that the only other choice was to get off the aircraft if she refused. Because they refused to do so, all of the people on board were deplaned.

On Thursday’s trip, the pastor of the East River Church in Batavia, Ohio, swapped planes to come home a day early and was sat up front. On Twitter, he told the tale. By the way, the pastor has a project called “Everything’s Good To Be A Man” that explicitly promotes patriarchy, saying, “It is man’s duty to symbolize the reign of the Father in creation so that it may be properly ordered.” So there’s that right from the bat.

After a few minutes, the couple exits the aircraft and speaks with a high-ranking manager.

A few of the other passengers were discussing how self-centered they were.

When I told them what had actually occurred, they were instantly empathetic and a bit taken aback.

August 27, 2024 — Michael Foster (@thisisfoster)

The spouse who was booted off the aircraft, O’Rourke, explains why he refused to change masks on principle:

You can’t stand for anything if you bend to everything.

August 27, 2024 — Ross O’Rourke (@RealRossORourke)

The couple who were evacuated from the American Airlines aircraft went home privately on Friday. They’ll be happy they didn’t rebook on American’s once-daily nonstop Miami-Cincinnati flight, which was rerouted to Columbus on Friday.

@AmericanAir! Yesterday, you harassed and discriminated against my wife and myself. We are traveling private today and will never fly American Airlines again because of your erratic and temptamental flight attendants. Sweet win for @thisisfoster.

August 27, 2024 — Ross O’Rourke (@RealRossORourke)

Mr. O’Rourke describes himself as a government contractor, ex-Marine, and combat veteran on Twitter. He claims that he would “never impose vaccinations for [his] 200+ workers,” and that more lives might be saved if employers required evidence of four hours of exercise per week and banned smoking and soda in the office, and that government policy should instead prohibit abortion. He’s demanded President Biden’s resignation, praised Donald Trump, and bemoaned beta men.

He intends to sue American Airlines for ‘discrimination,’ according to him.

The client in issue is myself. We will file a lawsuit as a result of your staff’s deceitful and heinous conduct.

August 27, 2024 — Ross O’Rourke (@RealRossORourke)

More From the Wing’s Perspective

It was an airline first, at least for American Airlines. The airline was already known for its quirky policies, but it is usually when they get in the news. On last Saturday, they made it into the headlines yet again, when a couple was kicked off a flight for wearing a mask. They were in the middle of a vacation in Mexico during a particularly warm time of year, and they didn’t want to be hot and uncomfortable on the flight home, so they wore a mask. The mask wasn’t preventing anyone else from breathing, but they were told by an American Airlines employee they were in the wrong and their flight was over. If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, you know they weren’t wrong.. Read more about family kicked off spirit airlines flight and let us know what you think.

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