With the Olympics now over, the spotlight has now been shifted onto the Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. In preparation for the upcoming Games, I have been looking at the mountain villages of Europe. Europe is a continent that is teeming with magnificent mountain towns, many of which have been overlooked by the mass of tourists who flock to the popular skiing and snowboarding resorts.

Here’s a list of 6 of the most enchanting mountain villages of Europe.

There’s a reason we all want to go to Europe: It’s a place where people can experience nature like never before. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, boating, skiing, or just relaxing on a beach, Europe has something to offer everyone. Here are six of the most enchanting mountain villages in Europe.

It has been stated that Europe is more than simply Paris, London, Berlin, and all of the other well-known cities with their renowned attractions. Europe also has regions, mountains, smaller cities, and mountain villages that few people are aware of and even fewer get the chance to enjoy.

Travelers will enjoy visiting one or all of these six lovely European mountain towns. As a result, when the circumstances after the pandemic enable us to travel and explore again, it would be a fantastic idea to add these stunning locations to your bucket list.

1. Spain’s Arties

6 Enchanting Mountain Villages of Europe

The gorgeous Valle de Aran region in northern Spain is a one-of-a-kind fantasy setting with calm attractive mountain towns, lush meadows, and snow-capped mountains. Indeed, many of these pictures are identical to the ones you use as desktop wallpaper. Arties, a tiny hamlet of approximately 500 people on the banks of the Garonne River renowned for its narrow, cobblestone lanes, colorful stone homes, and cold, refreshing air, is one of the most attractive mountain communities in the region.

2. Italy’s Canazei

Located in the incredible Val di Fassa area of Trentino Province, this “hot” ski village enjoys a privileged location near Marmolada, the highest peak in the snow-capped Dolomites, northern Italy. Although inhabited by less than 2,000 people, Canazei is a global landmark among ski enthusiasts, who arrive there to enjoy the 40 km of slopes in the area.

6 Enchanting Mountain Villages of Europe

Canazei is also an excellent option for young children since it is well-equipped to accommodate them or teach them on the fundamentals of the sport. In addition, the Belvedere Park region is a popular snowboarding destination. Especially for individuals who are drawn to the board’s perspective from under their feet.

The hundreds of resorts in the region provide excellent dining and lodging recommendations. As a consequence, there are many locations where you may enjoy unique moments of quiet and relaxation. So, if you’re planning a trip to this wonderfully warm and beautiful location, call Erna Low to discover the finest hotel deals at the best rates for your budget.

Torla, Spain is number three.

If you’re searching for a location to get away from it all and live in the rhythms of the mountains, glaciers, and nature, the hamlet of Torla in the Spanish province of Aragón is perhaps the best place to go. It’s part of the Ordesa-Viamala Biosphere Reserve, a peaceful, alpine haven with cold valleys, dark pine woods, and sparkling waterfalls.

6 Enchanting Mountain Villages of Europe

Following your visit to the Ordesa y Monte Perdido Natural Park, you should sample some local wine and cuisine. As a result, stop by one of the village’s many historic pubs, which are nestled amid the village’s stone homes and small lanes.

4. Norway’s Olden

Traveling north to Norway, Olden is a lovely hamlet of approximately 500 people nestled in one of the country’s longest and most stunning fjords. Despite being quiet for the most of the year, the hamlet is a frequent destination on Norwegian excursions.

6 Enchanting Mountain Villages of Europe

This is due to its close proximity to the magnificent Jostedalsbreen National Park. It’s even better since it’s set in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and deep blue ice lakes.

Grindelwald, Switzerland (No. 5)

Although this tiny Alps hamlet has been inhabited since before Roman times, it has only lately become a tourist destination. It offers everything for skiers, thanks to its world-famous slopes and closeness to the renowned Jungfrau mountain.

6 Enchanting Mountain Villages of Europe

Skiing is without a doubt the village’s primary draw. The ice lakes, waterfalls, and spectacular natural environment, on the other hand, pique the attention of hikers.

6. France’s Le Chinaillon

6 Enchanting Mountain Villages of Europe

It is a little town in eastern France’s Rhone-Alpes area, yet its reputation has spread across the globe. Skiing is a popular sport in the region surrounding Le Grand-Bornand, with more than 80 kilometers of paved slopes. It is, nevertheless, a summer attraction due to its proximity to the famous Mont Blanc, Europe’s third highest mountain. When the snow melts, the alpine meadows burst out with wildflowers, animals, and a rainbow of hues. However, for the time being, skiing and cuisine are the stars of the show.

Have you been to any of the six beautiful mountain towns listed above, or another fantastic mountain village? Let us know in the comments if this is the case!

Being far from civilization and not having to worry about most things will always put you in a relaxed and serene frame of mind. However, such thriving states of mind come with a hefty price tag. You will have to pay for hotels, meals and whatever else you will need to be able to enjoy the scenery, and this is where one of the most amazing aspects of travelling comes into play.. Read more about best old towns in europe and let us know what you think.

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