Passengers on a United Airlines flight were left reeling after an old man was kicked off the flight for being “irate.” The man allegedly had been asking for a refund for his ticket and was being rude to the attendants. After a video of the incident started circulating on social media, United Airlines released a statement saying the man was being removed for “being irate.”

On January 1st, a flight from Istanbul to New York was delayed several hours when passengers were stopped from boarding after the plane had taken off as they had encountered ‘attendants’ that were behaving aggressively and racist.

When you’ve been on the road for days and count the hours until you finally reach your destination, you don’t want to deal with any aggravation all the way there. Now, imagine you’re flying out of Chicago, to Miami, and you’re being served a meal by flight attendants who are completely not into you. Some passengers did the only reasonable thing and got up and left, but other passengers seem to think that this is okay behavior from flight attendants, and they are not going to stand for it.. Read more about spirit airlines and let us know what you think.

Passengers Revolt, Get Racist Flight Attendants Kick Off Flight


Passengers Rally, and Racist Flight Attendants Are Kicked Off The Plane

on August 9, 2024 by Gary Leff

Is there going to be an issue today? Frequent fliers are aware that crossing cabin staff will result in a police encounter. A violation of 49 U.S.C. 46504, “Interference with flight crew members and attendants,” may easily be converted into any “back talk” aboard a U.S. airline.

Other passengers, on the other hand, may feel compelled to speak out against what they perceive to be an injustice in the way others are treated on board. Customers aboard an easyJet aircraft from London Gatwick to Malaga, Spain, seem to have revolted to prevent the company from removing two black males.

As the plane taxied out, the two guys allegedly ‘huffed’ at a flight attendant when requested to put on their shoes for departure. The crewmember seems to have exacerbated the situation, asking the captain to return to the gate, when police were sent and armed cops boarded the plane to remove the “disobedient” males.

Other people may be seen on video protesting about what was going on. The words “don’t get off” and “sit down” may be heard. The guys were permitted to remain on board, but the flight attendants were removed.

@easyJet is trying to remove two black lads off the aircraft after they huffed at a staff member! It’s just revolting. We’ve been delayed for almost two hours! @Gatwick Airport #gatwick #lgw @SurreyPolice @TheSun #Easyjet @Gatwick Airport #gatwick #lgw @SurreyPolice @TheSun #Easyjet

5 August 2024 — LG (@LPGLDN)

The flight attendants were not dismissed for poor conduct; they merely clocked out (exceeded their duty day), according to the airline, but the delay created by other passengers prompted the initial crew to be removed and replacement flight attendants to be boarded in their stead.

“It seems very theatrical to call the police and have an aircraft with 160-odd people turn back and be delayed for someone puffing at them,” the passenger who recorded the video says, adding that there was no further dispute.

easyJet claims that

EasyJet does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or gender. Our first concern is safety, and there is no evidence that prejudice had a role in the incident aboard.

Our crew’s main duty is to ensure that everyone aboard is safe.

Our crew must guarantee that all passengers comply with safety standards, and as part of their job, they must verify that everyone is in compliance before to take-off.

This is especially essential for passengers in emergency escape rows, where the crew ensures that no loose objects are present during takeoff.

The plane’s captain lost patience after a two-hour delay, allegedly telling everyone that although they were able to find a replacement cabin crew, “if anybody doesn’t listen when the new crew arrives, you’ll be removed and arrested.”

More From the Wing’s Perspective

The aftermath of the Trump administration’s ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries has been a slow-burn. A first wave of protests overtook airports around the country and the world, but in the days since, people have continued to rally, in airports across the country and around the world. In response, a number of airlines have announced they will not be obliged to check in those banned from traveling, in what may become a new trend in air travel.. Read more about southwest flight attendant and let us know what you think.

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