Carnival Cruises has been an integral part of Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans for over a century, so we had to take a look at this year’s theme. The festivities start with King Cake, a sweet treat that is offered to the first person to find the jake (King Cake) in a haystack on Mardi Gras morning. Is it a coincidence that the King Cake is one of Carnival’s most popular treats?

I am a huge fan of the carnival – my family even used to go every year when I was younger. There’s just something intrinsically fun about being surrounded by a bunch of crazy people, strolling around the streets in a giant, noisy, colourful world of costumed characters, beautiful music, and food!

Carnival Mardi Gras also features some of the cruise line’s new restaurants, including Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken and Emeril Lagasse’s Emeril Bistro 1396.

Another new restaurant making its debut at Mardi Gras is Rudi’s Seagrill from chef Rudy Sodamin. Sodamin previously worked for Carnival Corporation and was chief counsel for Holland America Line.

Rudi’s Seagrill on Carnival’s Mardi Gras

As the name suggests, seafood is the star of the show at Rudi’s Seagrill. Here is the current menu as of 2023.

Starter motor

  • Wild tuna: red onion, kimchi emulsion, croutons with lemon herbs
  • Mussels: Sopressata, peperoncino, roasted garlic
  • Scallops: Scallops, grilled cheese sauce, parmesan shavings
  • Crabs: Smoked paprika butter, lobster waffles with poppy seeds
  • Fried shrimp: Rosemary, china and pepper oil
  • Lobster Mac n’ Cheese: four cheeses, garlic butter crust.
  • Squid: Marinara Sauce

Soup and salad

  • Bisque of seafood: Lobster, crab, shrimps, cream and sherry
  • Cioppino: Fish stew with garlic bread
  • House salad: crisp iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, radishes, carrots and red onions, sherry vinaigrette.
  • Baby Romana: roasted cauliflower, honey nut squash, pickled pepper crackers.


  • Lobster tail stuffed like an emperor: roasted carrots, fennel, parmesan, lemon
  • Grilled halibut: grilled asparagus, small tomatoes, white cider.
  • 9 ounces. Fried lobster tail: Krabrisotto with drawn butter (also available as Surf n’ Turf)
  • Grilled giant prawn: cooked whole, head down, oil and garlic, lemon blackened.
  • Crab cakes: caramelized red cabbage, tarragon mustard hollandaise
  • Save Lucian: From Florida, roasted red peppers with relish.
  • Dover sole: roasted Brussels sprouts, potato tasting


  • Free range chickens: Lemon marinade, freegola pasta, roasted wild mushrooms, gruyere fondant.
  • Berkshire Pork Chop: Beluga lentils with shallot glaze
  • 14 oz. New York Prime Strip: grilled corn brulee, cheddar onion rings, port wine sauce.


  • Apple Cheesecake: Whipped cream with limoncello
  • Chocolate truffle cake: Layers of fondant cake with chocolate truffle cream and chocolate mousse
  • White chocolate bread pudding: dark chocolate nuts, bourbon sauce
  • Lime pie: homemade lime pie in a tartlet with a vanilla crumble.


  • Polaris: Domaine Chandon Sweet Star sparkling wine with Saint Germain and fresh lemon juice
  • Seagrill Sangria: Beso del Sol white sangria with mint, fresh citrus and tropical fruits
  • A spritzer from Marseille: Lillet Rose, Domaine Chandon Brut, Club Soda and Thyme
  • Santorini Martini: Bacardi lemon, white cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, Blue Curacao
  • Chilcano de Pisco: Pisco Macchu, fresh lime juice, orange bitters and ginger ale
  • Tropical Smash: Bacardi Superior Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, Appleton Estate Rum, Pineapple juice, Orange juice, Angostura Bitters and Splash Sierra Mist.
  • Port Margarita: 1800 Silver Tequila, agave, fresh lime juice with the addition of Six Grapes Port.
  • Calm seas: Starr rum, fresh watermelon, watermelon syrup, lime juice, topped with ginger beer.
  • Sour honey: Jack Daniels honey whiskey, fresh lemon juice, honey syrup and cherry bitters.
  • Island Spice: Chila ‘Orchata, Bacardi spiced rum, chocolate liqueur, with whipped cream and nutmeg.

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Keep it!

Rudi’s Seagrill on Carnival’s Mardi Gras

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cove balcony on Carnival Mardi Gras?

A cove balcony is a balcony that is located on the side of the ship.

What deck is the Havana pool on Carnival Mardi Gras?

The Havana pool is on Carnival Mardi Gras.

How much is bonsai Teppanyaki on Carnival horizon?

The price of bonsai Teppanyaki on Carnival horizon is $25.

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