We’ve got exciting news for you! Amadeus has now integrated COVID-19, a digital health Pass, into its eGate verification technology.

When you have worked in IT for a number of years, you get used to seeing acronyms and language from non-tech people. For example, a common phrase heard in the office is “Is it broken yet?” when referring to a software application that has been used for a long time. However, it is always hard to understand what some of the acronyms, like COVID-19, mean. COVID-19 is an acronym that stands for the Certificate of Validity and Interoperability of Electronic Healthcare Record Systems and is an electronic health record (EHR) standard developed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Amadeus, one of the top ten travel technology firms in the world, today announced a partnership with IBM to assist the travel industry address one of the post-pandemic era’s greatest challenges: validating passengers’ COVID-19 health certificates at required checkpoints.

IBM Digital Health Pass, a secure digital alternative to carrying paper vaccination cards or COVID-19 test results, has been integrated into Amadeus’ own digital health verification solution, Traveler ID for Safe Travel, which is also designed to digitize travelers’ ID information and health documentation to streamline every stage of the travel journey.


Customers’ COVID-19 digital health credentials will be integrated into airlines’ current reservations and booking systems, allowing passengers to simply scan or upload necessary documents ahead of time.

As passengers complete the online check-in procedure, Amadeus’ Traveler ID for Safe Travel service compares their itinerary against the current entry criteria of their destination country. Passengers are then given the choice of scanning a hardcopy of their health paperwork or uploading a digital version from their phone or computer to create a secure, digital COVID-19 credential.

IBM Digital Health Pass then uses a mix of encryption and blockchain technologies to verify the customer’s COVID-related health credentials, allowing them to access a worldwide network of labs, immunization sites, and healthcare providers. Airlines get a basic passenger status message after credentials have been verified, indicating that a person has been approved to travel.

Because only compliance with border entry criteria is verified, and no personal health information is kept by the airline, Amadeus, or IBM, it is a safe digital solution that preserves passenger privacy.

Amadeus Integrates IBM’s COVID-19 Digital Health Pass Into Verification Technology Illustration of a booking flow for Traveler ID for Safe Travel. (Amadeus provided the picture)

“While nations across the world are progressively reopening their borders to welcome tourists back, precise border entrance procedures may vary significantly from country to country. The need to verify COVID-19 health paperwork causes substantial delays for airlines and other travel providers, as well as the passenger, throughout the trip “IBM’s Travel and Transportation Industry Lead, Greg Land, said. “The IBM Digital Health Pass connection with Amadeus’ Traveler ID for Safe Travel is intended to offer airlines with open technologies that they can integrate into their current digital systems. This may assist airlines in meeting border entry criteria securely while also providing a better passenger experience.”

“The IBM integration is a significant step forward for Traveler ID for Safe Travel. COVID-19 health records may be digitized and read, validated, and authenticated using the IBM Digital Health Pass and our Traveler ID for Safe Travel platform. This eliminates time-consuming and inconvenient inspections when flying, as well as providing further confidence to airlines and their passengers “Amadeus Vice President Safe Travel Ecosystem, Christian Warneck, said. “This is a significant step forward in the cooperation that our Safe Travel Ecosystem is fostering. We can provide the capabilities required by travel operators and passengers by collaborating with clients and partners like IBM to assist ensure a seamless passenger experience once again.”

Multiple airlines across the world have already implemented Traveler ID for Safe Travel, with more airline customers likely to be announced shortly. Other travel and transportation companies, such as hotels, airports, and travel authorities, may use its digital identification and health verification capabilities.

Visit amadeus.com for additional details.

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