The previous two paragraphs have been about how people travel and how they react to others around them. However, the next paragraph will be about how a group of people within a society reacts to changes in their environment.

The world’s airlines have been warned not to tip their cabin crews in Australia, as the country faces a surge in cruise ship passengers after a deadly outbreak of the flu virus on a cruise ship. The country’s air transport safety regulator, CASA, announced that its workplace relations officials will not recommend that its members offer cabin crew members the customary tip when they board aircraft. The move follows the death of a teenager named Daniel Christie who succumbed to the flu on one of the Atishay cruise ships, which is now back in Sydney.

It Took A Pandemic, But American Airlines Warns Cabin Crew Not To Tip In Sydney

It took a pandemic, but American Airlines warns flight attendants not to tip in Sydney

Gary Leff 14. July 2024

Due to a moderate increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Australia, the country has halved the number of foreign passengers allowed to travel to at least 31. August must undergo a state quarantine. As a result, American Airlines only assigns passengers on certain days. On other dates, they only carry cargo from Los Angeles to Sydney and passengers on the return trip.

It took a pandemic, but eventually American Airlines announced to its employees that they would have to forgo tips while in Australia. And it’s by order of the government there. On Monday, flight attendants at Los Angeles airport were told in a memo to expect a 14-day quarantine if they received a tip:

We have been told by the NSW Health Authority and the NSW Government that we can no longer collect money for tips on arrival or departure, as we have done in the past for our transport drivers, hotel staff and others.

The reason for this restriction is the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in Australia and the possibility of the virus being contracted and spread by money changers. If someone is caught soliciting, they are quarantined in SYD for 14 days.

I know we all want to give that advice, but we can’t. Please smile and thank them. I know you all understand, and as soon as we can tip again, I’ll let you know.

I would like to make a few comments on this,

  • Airline employees traveling on business should ask their employer (American Airlines) to reimburse them for the cost of tips as part of their job and not out of pocket.
  • Tipping is not common in Australia, although it has become more common in recent years thanks to guests and American influence.
  • There, workers such as hotel clerks and drivers earn decent wages and do not rely on tips as part of their income, as is often the case in the United States. The cost of housekeeping in a hotel is factored into the wages paid by the hotel and included in the room rate, rather than asking guests to pay separately out of pocket.
  • If they really wanted to, they could pay out through Venmo or similar apps?

Fomite transmission is not impossible or non-existent, but it is not an important vector for the spread of the virus, which is mainly transmitted by aerosols in poorly ventilated closed spaces.

However, since the virus is present in the country in limited numbers, foreigners are considered a threat and the introduction of the virus from any source is a source of concern for the government. So far, it has managed to suppress every outbreak and has also failed to manage the distribution of the vaccine, so that immunity in the country is very low. Sidney remains closed, and an extension of the arrest until Friday seems likely.

Americans need to stop tipping everyone, everywhere. And Americans should stop thinking that the service industry works the same way everywhere in the United States. Here are 5 simple rules for tipping that will come in handy anywhere in the world if you’re unsure of local customs.

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