The blog is called thebestplacetotravel, so obviously we’re here to talk about places to travel to. We love a good vacation—say that five times fast . But even with a trip to Europe or the Hawaiian Islands, there’s a lot to consider when planning for a trip. With so many places to visit and so many different ways to have fun, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ll give you the lowdown on which destinations offer what, how to get there, and what to expect once you’re there. We’ll let you in on the secrets to planning for any kind of trip, and we’ll answer all your burning questions about a vacation that’s just a matter of weeks away. ~~

It seems that the longer your trip lasts, the more expensive it gets. This is an interesting trend that has been going on for a while now. For example, if you go to Europe, you have more time to explore, but you’ll have to pay for it with the flights. As a result, some people are booking more extended trips and extending their stays.

To those who have traveled the world, the destination doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a country, a city, a neighborhood, a place to visit, or a place to live, as long as you’ve had an experience that’s memorable, you’ve “traveled”. But, as the saying goes, “Where you go is more important than where you end up”. Perhaps the same can be said about traveling. The more you travel, the further you get from your original point of departure, and the farther you are from your destination, the more the experience changes.

Due to pent-up demand, more remote employees, and more money from gas savings, new research indicates that passengers may want to travel for longer than normal this year.

According to the latest GlobalData survey, longer vacations are becoming more popular as more individuals return to traveling. More than one-quarter of travelers (26%) said they would like to travel for more than 10 nights, the second-longest trip duration in the study. Stays of four to six nights are the most common trip length, accounting for 28% of all trips.


While many people have struggled financially as a consequence of the epidemic, others have saved in unusual ways. Workers who worked from home for a year saved money on petrol from their daily commutes, and many (if not all) saved money on leisure activities such as evenings out at bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, and concerts.

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Are Longer Trips the New Trend?

The freedom to go anywhere as long as there is Wi-Fi, as well as the travel possibilities for remote employees, or “digital nomads,” is likely the greatest motivation for longer travels.

“The epidemic has expedited the work-from-home paradigm, which may help the tourist sector. Those who work from home, particularly independent remote workers who earn a greater income, don’t need a permanent location and just need a peaceful place with access to the Internet. This new working paradigm, which seems to be here to stay, may boost the urge to combine a conventional vacation with a “workcation.” Those wanting a new location may consider booking a longer vacation, taking use of some yearly leave, and working remotely for the remaining days to extend their trip. According to Gus Gardner, GlobalData’s Associate Travel and Tourism Analyst, “this new kind of tourist may help accommodation sharing companies that can provide a home away from home.”

COVID-19 testing requirements, according to Sharon Campbell Little, owner and founder of Bespoke Travel Group: “Presently, I think guests feel that since they will still have to show a negative COVID-19 test to return back to the United States, then they want to make the travel experience worth it, and to most this means a longer stay.” While she has been mainly booking for 2024 and beyond, her customers are planning longer holidays in Mexico, with stays of two to three nights longer than normal.

Pre-pandemic, Susie Chau, owner of Carpe Diem Traveler, said her customers’ longest excursions were multi-country holidays to South America and Europe. But, given today’s entrance restrictions, they’ve had to adapt their strategy: “I believe that focusing on one nation and traveling slowly is the ideal strategy.” Most Americans aren’t accustomed to staying longer in one location and going farther, but now is a perfect time to give it a try. Clients’ expectations must be established that they may not receive their ideal holiday, but that difference may be a positive thing. They may discover that feeling like a local and not being hurried with a full schedule appeals to them.”

Longer trips are on the rise, according to David W. Hartman, Luxury Travel Advisor for Fantastic Endeavors, Inc., and future cruise credits, airline miles, and other refunds from trips canceled due to the pandemic could be another incentive for clients to travel for longer: “For example, the week long cruise is now a back to back 2 week cruise on the same ship because the traveler has built up enough miles.” Travelers may choose for more expedition-style cruises or holidays that they may have shied away from in the past, given the pent-up demand and additional time to enjoy their vacations for longer.

“People have a lot of PTO days left over from the previous year and can’t wait to go on another huge trip. They now understand that 1) travel is a luxury, not a right, and 2) life is short, and the ability to take your bucket list trip anytime you want is not guaranteed,” Chau added.

Longer travels will certainly become the next post-pandemic period trend, extending into vacations for 2024 and beyond, as a result of a number of reasons such as pent-up demand and greater savings.

Travel is a booming industry, but with today’s busy lifestyles, just getting away for a weekend can seem like a daunting task. But, is it really necessary to jet off to a far off land to get a break from the daily grind? Or, is there a better way to escape stresses and enjoy the simple pleasures of life?. Read more about travel trends 2024 and let us know what you think.

The best place to travel in December 2024 is the United States."}}]}

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The most popular travel destination for 2024 is the United States.

Can we travel in 2024?

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Where should I travel in December 2024?

The best place to travel in December 2024 is the United States.

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