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A man identified as “Passenger #7” (who just so happens to be a world expert on duct tape) is now speaking to the media after he created quite a stir on his recent flight. In an interview with local news reporters in the airport he said: “I didn’t understand why the pilots had the cockpit door open,” the passenger said. “I thought it could be a bomb.”

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Duct Taped Passenger Speaks After New Video Emerges From His Flight


After new video from his flight emerges, a duct-taped passenger speaks out.

on August 4, 2024 by Gary Leff

Much of the world has now seen footage of a Frontier Airlines customer duct tied to his seat after allegedly pouring a drink on himself, pulling off his shirt, touching up flight attendants, and getting into a brawl on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami. The flight attendants who used duct tape were placed on administrative leave.

A new video of the passenger crying for assistance as the aircraft lands has surfaced, and he is now speaking out publicly about the event.

The original footage of the guy being restrained and duct taped can be seen here.

A Frontier customer is accused of touching the breasts of two flight attendants, screaming that his parents are worth $2 million, and then assaulting a flight attendant. As they arrived in Miami, Frontier punished the crew for duct tying the passenger to his seat. Max Berry, a 22-year-old man, is being held in prison. pic.twitter.com/4xS9Rwvafx

August 3, 2024 — Sam Sweeney (@SweeneyABC)

And now, as the aircraft prepared to land, fresh footage has surfaced showing the passenger in his seat, pleading for assistance. This was just before the plane was intercepted by law authorities and the guy was apprehended.

#frontierairlines #frontierairlines #frontierairlines It occurred just next to me, and it’s wild out here photo. twitter.com/YdjURlSb5p

— August 3, 2024, k9spams (@k9spams)

Passenger Max Berry, for one, has taken to Twitter to express his displeasure. He denies touching anybody and claims he is a victim who will be followed at all times.

I DID NOT GROPE ANYONE, to be clear. This is simply another example of the media’s ridiculous narrative.

August 4, 2024 — max berry (@maxberry1998)

This will go down in history as the most degrading experience I’ve ever had. As I was abused by employees of a PROFESSIONAL airline, several people mocked and humiliated me. To add insult to injury, this has gone “viral” on the internet and will never be forgotten. My life will never be the same again.

August 4, 2024 — max berry (@maxberry1998)

Can someone explain to me why getting duct taped to an aircraft seat is amusing? I was handled as if I were cattle.

August 4, 2024 — max berry (@maxberry1998)

Surprisingly, there is a lot of debate about this Frontier Airlines passenger’s financial situation on the internet (he claims to be extremely wealthy, warning: language).

Do you want to see how wealthy I am? Please provide your cashapp in the box below.

August 4, 2024 — max berry (@maxberry1998)

I’m not sure whether the alleged in-flight conduct occurred precisely as the police report indicates. However, based on his public tweets, he’s not someone I’d want to have a drink with. He tweets about Hispanic women’s body proportions, safe sex, and other topics.

Most of you jerks don’t live the life you’re tweeting about lmao https://t.co/rRdpBsNq1c

— April 3, 2024, max berry (@maxberry1998)

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but 6 inches is plenty.

— April 1, 2024, max berry (@maxberry1998)

When he’s accused of molesting female flight attendants, his attitude toward women and sex doesn’t help him. When there are charges pending, tweeting about the event is generally not a good idea. And, as his own character attests, joining Twitter earlier this year was probably not the greatest decision.

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A video that surfaced on YouTube over the weekend appears to show a passenger being forcibly removed from a Delta flight, who is then heard speaking to fellow passengers about the ordeal. The footage begins with a man being forcibly removed from flight 691 on Friday, which had traveled from Atlanta to Allentown, Pennsylvania.. Read more about maxwell berry parents and let us know what you think.

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