As you may have heard, a group of protesters arrived in DC today for today’s march in support of gun control. They are calling themselves the “Million Mom March” (for the estimated one million mothers in America who have lost children to gun violence), and the purpose of their protest is to highlight the lack of change when it comes to gun control in America. As a result, the group is flying in from across the country to DC, which is a notoriously difficult place for people to get into.

Transport Security Administration watch lists have become a hot topic in the past year, as the agency has been accused of overstating the threat posed by protesters at the January 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump. However, it looks like the TSA is adding a new group to watch lists this week: members of the group that protested in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. last month. The TSA said in a statement that it would add the group, who called themselves “DisruptJ20,” to the agency’s watch list “based on the specific circumstances of this incident.”

It Looks Like January 6th Capitol Protestors Are Being Added To TSA Watch Lists

Looks like the protesters on Capitol Hill on the 6th. January to be placed on watch lists EBA

Gary Leff 11. July 2024

After union president Sarah Nelson and the Democratic chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee called for the Capitol Hill rioters to be placed on the national no-fly list, Delta Air Lines confirmed that would happen, as did the CEO of American Airlines.

A family that has traveled to Washington D.C., but claims not to have been involved in riots, not to have entered Capitol Hill and not to have been accused of anything, has not been placed on the no-fly list, but appears to have been placed on the watch list and is now the target every time they fly.

His house was searched for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. The FBI confiscated their laptops, but eventually returned them (unusable), along with their copy of the US Constitution.

Every time they travel now, they attract a lot of attention.

They searched every piece of clothing, every piece of paper, took samples, Paul said of the TSA at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. After scanning the body, the couple underwent a physical examination.

After missing the first flight, they booked the next available flight. As they approached the gate, TSA agents were again waiting for them, again checking all their belongings.

The couple arrived in Seattle, but then missed their flight from Seattle because they were denied boarding in Anchorage and had to undergo baggage and passenger screening by the TSA and re-board.

Everything in their pockets was searched again by the TSA, everything was checked for traces of explosives, a full body search. Again, the TSA was waiting for them to get off the plane and checked all their belongings one last time.

On the return flight on the 5th. July, after all the searches, scans and checks, there was even a surprise TSA mobile checkpoint halfway down the plane to intercept them again to take samples of their carry-on luggage and be questioned by agents.

The family lives in Homer, Alaska, and can only go to a few places without flying, and most trips require a transfer.

When their house was stormed, they were held at gunpoint, handcuffed and not allowed to go to the toilet for hours. You can say it: But they were in the Capitol on January 6, and if they were convicted of acts related to the riots of that day, I could have no sympathy for them. But they were not charged. Many people there were innocent of any wrongdoing. And there is no reason to believe that they are a threat to aviation. In fact, they have flown successfully, and their behavior during those flights proves it.

Remember, it is the rule of law that we defend against what happened in Washington that day. And the rights violations that were used against the people who were there will later be used against everyone else when someone else is in power. However, the Biden administration is considering putting more Americans on no-fly lists and other watch lists.

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