It’s no secret that I’m a travel junkie, so when I had the opportunity to take the first ride on the new roller coaster at Sea World, I jumped at the chance to try something new. The Roller Coaster of Steel Tour is the new thrill ride that was built for Sea World Orlando and was just recently opened to the public.

I had a dream the other night about riding the first steel roller-coaster at sea. I first heard about this unique attraction on a recent trip to the United States, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I heard about it.

Today, the first roller coaster at sea turns 10 years old, and it’s been a blast. The Sea Dragon is a thrilling ride with a lot of twists and turns, including a series of 360-degree loops. The coaster’s three train cars, which hold six passengers each, are scuttled by waves and pulled by a tugboat on a circular track near the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.. Read more about do carnivals have roller coasters and let us know what you think.

BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster is the first of its type, and it’s the most thrilling, highly awaited innovation to be presented on a cruise ship in years – a rollercoaster! This exciting activity launched aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s new flagship, the Mardi Gras, but what is it like to ride a rollercoaster at sea? Cruise Hive gives you an insider’s look at what it’s like to ride BOLT for the first time.

The Story of the World’s First Roller Coaster at Sea!

Since its debut in 2018, BOLT has sparked a lot of discussion about how a rollercoaster might be installed and managed on a cruise ship. Multiple innovations and modifications were needed for the project to guarantee ride safety, ship integrity, and a really exceptional experience, and BOLT delivered.

BOLT isn’t a rollercoaster in the traditional sense since it isn’t propelled by gravity. It was designed and constructed by German company Maurer Rides. It is instead an all-electric ride that allows the user to regulate the pace of the trip. Nonetheless, the ride has the appearance and feel of a rollercoaster, although a thrilling and unusual one.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?Around the Mardi Gras Funnel, There’s a Roller Coaster (Photo Credit: MArc Mayntz)

BOLT is a component of Mardi Gras’ Ultimate Playground, and it’s also set to debut during Carnival Celebration in 2024. The track is 800 feet long and 187 feet above sea level, but it never passes directly over open water and does not cross over the ship’s side.

The bright lightning bolt accent on the jazzy red and blue ride vehicles may reach speeds of 35-40 miles per hour, depending on how much additional speed each rider selects for their experience.

What is the location of BOLT?

BOLT is easy to see as it rounds the ship’s distinctive whale-tail funnel, but it may be difficult to locate once aboard. The coaster is situated aft on deck 19 of the Mardi Gras, but the entrance is on deck 18 and eager riders must climb steps to reach the coaster’s waiting and loading area.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?Entrance to the BOLT Roller Coaster (Marc Mayntz contributed to this image.)

The waiting room is shaded, but there are no fans to circulate air, so it may become a little hot while waiting to take the ride on hot days. Guests are encouraged to book their BOLT ride via Carnival’s Hub app, which will assist to reduce wait times and improve the overall experience.

Guests should be aware that the feature will not function in inclement weather, such as strong winds, and that everyone should be patient while the new attraction ramps up to maximum capacity.

Restriction on Riding

BOLT may not be appropriate for all users. To ride, riders must be at least 52 inches (4 feet, 4 inches) tall, with a maximum height of 77 inches (6 feet, 5 inches). There is also a weight restriction, with each rider weighing no more than 300 pounds (136 kilograms).

Guests may sit in a test vehicle at the ride’s entrance to check how they feel in the seats and if they will be comfortable riding BOLT.

To ride BOLT, guests must be dressed properly. Riders are not allowed to wear wet or swimsuits, and they are not permitted to wear dresses or skirts. Riders must wear closed-toed shoes and may not ride barefoot. Also banned are high heels.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?The Rules of the BOLT Roller Coaster (Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz)

Riders must leave behind any cameras, phones, caps, wallets, keys, lanyards, and other things, as well as any loose objects. Glasses and sunglasses may only be worn if they are securely fastened to the head with a strap. Guests may securely store loose items in individual cubbies on the ride platform while riding.

Food, beverages, and chewing gum are also prohibited on BOLT.

The roller coaster is not advised for visitors with heart, back, neck, or joint issues, or those with structural bodily injury such as casts or amputations, due to the nature of the ride’s action and rapid acceleration. Guests who may be pregnant, as well as those who have epilepsy, high blood pressure, or a fear of heights, should avoid riding BOLT.

The Riding Adventure

The pleasure and luxury of riding BOLT during Mardi Gras’ Sip and Sea day before the ship’s maiden departure from Port Canaveral was enjoyed by Cruise Hive’s Managing Editor, who is also a rollercoaster aficionado who has ridden more than 100 rollercoasters. How does the excitement of a cruise ship compare?

First, a word of caution: instead of conventional seating, the ride has motorcycle-style seats that riders must straddle. Riders with joint or hip issues may find the hard seats, which are more akin to those seen on ATVs or jet skis than motorbikes, unpleasant or even painful throughout the ride.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?BOLT’s motorcycle (Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz)

The handlebar grips, which allow the “driver” to regulate the ride’s additional pace, are easy to use and do not need a lot of muscle. Single riders must sit in the front seat, and each vehicle has just two seats – one for the driver and one for the passenger. The seats are placed in such a way that even the passenger gets excellent sights and has a terrific ride.

Riders are advised to leave any loose items behind and empty their pockets into the cubbies provided in the loading/unloading area before boarding. Riders may be weighed or measured to ensure that they are within BOLT’s weight and height limits.

When you embark, the ride operator will assist you with securing and locking the wide seat belt. The driver will be taught how to manage the ride’s increased speed by the operator. The rider in the rear seat has no control over the pace.

BOLT’s first acceleration is a thrilling but not overpowering experience. The ride arcs gently up and over the miniature golf course, banking slightly and completing a complete 430-degree turn before turning again to run along the starboard side of the ship, over the running track.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?Lido Lido Lido Lido Lido Lido Li (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz)

The track bends to port around the famous Carnival funnel after two “floater” hills along the ship’s starboard side offer short weightless feelings. BOLT returns to the station after a short drop when the track bends again, and passengers exit at the same spot where they embarked.

From initial acceleration until return to the station, the whole trip takes approximately 25-30 seconds, depending on how much additional speed individual riders want to utilize. The ride can carry up to 190 people per hour when fully operational.

Before riding, it may seem to be nothing more than a child coaster placed on a cruise ship, yet this is a huge misrepresentation. BOLT stands out for its smooth acceleration and rider speed control, unusual location high above the sea, and pure excitement of riding a rollercoaster aboard a cruise ship.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz

The ride’s zero-G feeling was also a nice surprise, adding to the excitement element and making BOLT a memorable experience.

BOLT may be too moderate for thrill seekers used to the world’s most extreme rollercoasters, and the ride experience is too brief.

However, given the ride’s innovations, it really is the ultimate thrill for Carnival’s Ultimate Playground, but it isn’t so difficult that only the most brave riders can take on the task. BOLT is a wonderful addition to Carnival’s thrilling array of activities aboard the Mardi Gras.

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Riding BOLT: The Ultimate Sea Coaster

There will certainly be problems when BOLT is put to the test during Mardi Gras’ first sailings, just as there would be with any new attraction, whether it is at an amusement park or on a cruise ship. Before riding, guests should be patient and acquaint themselves with all criteria. To prevent lengthier queues, it is strongly suggested that you make reservations via the Carnival Hub App.

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?BOLT Symbol (Photo Credit: Melissa Maytz)

While the ride isn’t very lengthy or thrilling, passengers who are prone to motion sickness may want to rethink riding the roller coaster. The wide seats may be uncomfortable for those with sensitive hips, and a few rough spots throughout the trip may exacerbate existing discomfort. In general, though, the ride is smooth and thrilling, making it ideal for riders of all ages who like a rush of adrenaline.

BOLT is priced at $15 per person each ride during the first few Mardi Gras trips, but the price may be modified once the attraction’s functioning is improved and customer demand is established.

Is BOLT a ride worth taking? Absolutely, for the novelty of the event, the satisfaction of overcoming such an uncommon delight, and being a part of Mardi Gras as a whole. Let’s get this party started!

What’s It Like to Ride the First Roller Coaster at Sea?

The first roller coaster at sea may sound like something straight out of a Disney movie, but it’s not a myth. The Oasis received a total of five roller coasters from the parks in Orlando, Florida, including Disney’s first roller coaster ever at Walt Disney World (Space Mountain). The ride was a real eye-opener for us since we had to ride the coaster in a wheel-chair. This is a great way to be able to experience the ride while being able to physically enjoy it.. Read more about carnival ship with roller coaster and let us know what you think.

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