The markets of the world festival experience is a new and exciting cruise line offering. This year, Carnival Cruise Line will be hosting their inaugural event in New York City on September 22nd to 23rd.

The how many global cruise lines does clia have is a question that has been asked by many. Clia has announced that they will be hosting the Markets of the World festival experience in 2019.

Dream Cruises has announced that from September 19 to November 6, 2024, it would offer various events and activities from across the globe aboard its ship World Dream.

Guests will be introduced to renowned festivals and foreign cultures as they cruise the waterways of Singapore during the “Markets of the World” series of events.

Cruise Line to Host ‘Markets of the World’ Festival Experience

At sea, Dream Cruises’ World Dream. (Genting provided the image.)

At Sea, Dream Markets

Passengers may enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Dream Market at Sea on the open deck for the length of the event, which has eight food booths offering a range of street deli items, foreign tastes, unique beverages, and desserts from across the globe. Spain, Germany, France, Western Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and other countries will be represented.

Along with the cuisine, difficult game booths will rekindle childhood memories with games like the Happy Rainbow coin toss, Chopstick Marble Challenge, and Bottle Flipping Challenge – all of which come with rewards.

Adventures in Western Australia

Guests may meet and greet Quinton the Quokka, widely regarded as the “world’s happiest animal,” aboard the Western Australia Adventures, who will make special appearances during the trip. Passengers will also get the opportunity to “travel” to Western Australia aboard by stopping by an interactive pop-up booth to capture Instagram-worthy photos.

Cruise Line to Host ‘Markets of the World’ Festival Experience

Rottnest Island’s Quokka (Dream Cruises provided this photo.)

Winners of the “Western Australia Amazing Race” will get Quokka plushes or other prizes. There will also be Western Australia trivia, as well as a picture contest with the opportunity to win an all-expenses-paid vacation to Western Australia (when the borders reopen for leisure travel there).

Lobster Fever will be circulating aboard on the October 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, and 29 sailings. Passengers can see a culinary demonstration using Western Australian lobster and prawn pasta linguini, and Western Australian lobster will be offered in speciality restaurants.

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Festival of the Mid-Autumn

During the September 19 and 22 sailings, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be accessible. Lantern making, moon gazing, Chinese Mid-Autumn riddles, and complimentary moon cake sampling are among the entertaining activities available to passengers.

Cruise Line to Host ‘Markets of the World’ Festival Experience

Mooncakes are a kind of Chinese dessert (Dream Cruises provided this photo.)

Oktoberfest on the Water

Oktoberfest, the world’s most famous and beloved German celebration, will sail aboard World Dream on September 26 and October 1, 3, and 10.

Enjoy German specialties like Crispy Pork Knuckles, Numberger Sausages, and pretzels while wearing dimbdls and lederhosen; attend cooking workshops to learn how to make Apfel Strudel, Pretzels, and Bavarian Potato Salad; and join cooking workshops to learn how to make Apfel Strudel, Pretzels, and Bavarian Potato Salad.

The Best Dressed Fraulein, Frau, or Herren will receive awards for their performances of Bavarian traditional dances and games.

Cruise Line to Host ‘Markets of the World’ Festival Experience

(Dream Cruises provided this photo.)

Halloween is creepy.

On October 31, passengers may participate in a trick-or-treat walk-around, a Halloween cosmetics lecture, a “Into the Night” dancing lesson, and the Spooky Halloween Awards aboard the ship.

There will also be themed cakes, pastries, drinks, and mocktails available throughout the ship.

Cruise Line to Host ‘Markets of the World’ Festival Experience

(Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises)

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